OBS Mac 0.3.1 (work-in-progress build)

New version available: OBS Mac 0.3.1 (work-in-progress build)

All operating systems

  • Add scene editing. You can now click on sources to move/scale/etc. Also, make sure to check out the ‘Edit -> Transform’ menu, which has features for rotating/flipping sources, as well as an ‘Edit Transform’ dialog that allows the ability to edit the numeric values for a scene item’s transform directly. (Jim)
  • Added volume meters to sound mixer (antihax/Jim)
  • Automatically apply recommended encoder settings for specific services like twitch that require a 2 second keyframe interval (Jim)
  • Use libfdk for AAC audio if manually built with available packages by the user, otherwise default to FFmpeg’s built-in AAC (BtbN)
  • Add support for planar YUV 4:2:0 async video sources (Jim/palana)
  • Automatically open properties when a source is created (Jim)
  • Add a number of test translations for japanese, italian, russian, german, finnish (trapped/shousa/arkkis/Tak0r/any-kliman) NOTE: We’ll be using crowdin when we get closer to release, it’d probably be best to avoid translations before then. We also need to ensure proper right-to-left language support (again)


  • Fix bug where mac audio capture would not initialize on 10.8 in certain circumstances (Jim)
  • More improvements to mac video device capture (palana)


  • A number of pulseaudio capture source module modifications (fryshorts)


  • Add preliminary DirectShow capture source module (Jim)
  • Fix bug with mouse cursor being drawn in the wrong position in window/monitor capture (Jim)

Next up for Jim: Bitmap source module, plus potential refactor of API naming scheme across the board