OBS Multiplatform 0.12.0

New version available: OBS Multiplatform 0.12.0

General Changes:

  • Added pre-configured recording quality presets to simple output mode for easy recording-specific configuration
  • Added stream delay feature (in advanced settings). If spontaneously disconnected during a delayed stream, it will preserve the point of disconnection (optional, on by default), and start off where it left off at the cost of increasing delay until reconnected.
  • Added automatic data file backup as well as methods to prevent user data file corruption due to things such as program crash, system crash, or otherwise
  • Added the ability to duplicate a scene (added to the right-click context menu)
  • Added the ability to update services and servers on the fly remotely (this way we can keep services up to date for all users immediately)
  • Added support for Blackmagic Intensity Pro 4k to the blackmagic source
  • Added a profiler to the back-end to help to help determine potential system bottlenecks
  • Added custom muxer settings to FFmpeg output in advanced output mode
  • Changed the back-end to use a windowless graphics context (mostly as a refactor, but to also allow things like CLI-only front-ends later)
  • Changed the FFmpeg output in advanced output mode to allow the use of generated filenames rather than overwriting the same file over and over again
  • Changed default theme icons to look better and more consistent, especially in comparison to the dark theme
  • Changed the video settings so that changing base resolution would not modify the scaled output resolution if they are of the same aspect ratio
  • Moved reconnect options to advanced settings to clean up output section interface
  • Removed “Enable CBR option” from simple output stream settings. CBR is always on for streaming (unless service-specific settings are disabled in advanced output mode stream settings)
  • Removed 22.05khz audio sample rate selection from audio settings
  • The program will now prevent the computer from going to sleep and screen saving while active
  • Improved CoreAudio AAC encoder logging
  • Fixed a bug with the properties window where the window would always start off at the smallest size
  • Fixed a bug with the media source where streams and certain files would not play audio
  • Fixed a bug where adding certain audio sync offsets could cause the program to crash
  • Fixed a bug where canceling reconnection would cause the user to be unable to start the stream again until the program was restarted
  • Fixed a bug with FFmpeg output in advanced output mode where it could crash when selecting certain extensions
  • Fixed an issue where log entries could repeat endlessly without limit (now caps log duplication after a certain limit)
  • Fixed an issue where the program would not start up at all if certain settings were no longer valid

Linux specific changes:

  • Window capture (xcomposite) will now automatically try to reacquire the window it was set to capture but may have been closed by the user

Windows specific changes:

  • Added Media Foundation encoders, which has support for QuickSync, NVENC, and VCE. Note however that these are a different from their “primary” implementations, and have limitations. Media Foundation NVENC for example only has support on windows 10 currently. The Media Foundation Quicksync encoder only works with Haswell level and better. These encoders should be considered experimental, and currently are only available via advanced output mode. Note also that NVENC and VCE are not currently recommended for streaming due to lack of proper CBR support.
  • Fixed an issue where the video device source would crash if blackmagic drivers are installed but no blackmagic device is present
  • Fixed an issue where crash reports would not generate proper stack traces
  • Fixed a bug with game capture where high FPS games (games running above 100 FPS) would have poor capture performance
  • Fixed a bug with game capture where 64bit games would sometimes crash when hooked
  • Fixed a bug where game capture would fail to capture certain OpenGL games when using certain hardware (primarily older hardware with limited capture extension support)

Mac specific changes:

  • Added Apple VideoToolbox Encoders. These are considered experimental and not recommended for streaming yet. Currently only available in the advanced output mode.