OBS Multiplatform 0.13.0

New version available: OBS Multiplatform 0.13.0

General Changes:

  • Added “Studio Mode”, which allows editing different scenes/sources without changing the output (also known as Preview/Program mode)
  • Added scene transitions (currently only had time for just fade/cut, many more transitions to be added later)
  • Added support for animated gif playback in the image source and even the mask/blend filter
  • Added an option to the media source to allow the ability to restart the media file when the source becomes active (shown on output)
  • Added options to settings -> general to add confirmation dialogs for starting/stopping stream (was requested because sometimes people can accidentally click start/stop streaming when they don’t mean to)
  • Added an “Always On Top” option to file menu
  • Added the ability to adjust the size of the bottom section of the main window
  • Fixed the annoying way in which the mask/blend filter would always stretch the mask/blend image by default, discarding aspect ratio. It now centers on the source and preserves aspect ratio. An option has been added to stretch to discard aspect ratio if desired.
  • Fixed the media source file browse dialog so that filters for actual media files rather than just listing all files
  • Fixed a bug where the output resolution would always select an improper resolution if the base resolution becomes invalid
  • Fixed a bug where right-clicking on a source in the preview and going to properties/transform would get the properties/transform of the wrong source
  • Fixed a bug where if the program was started and the current global desktop/mic audio audio devices in audio settings couldn’t be found, audio settings would erroneously select “disabled” even though they were still active. It now displays “[Device not connected or not available]”.
  • Fixed a bug where when starting the program for the first time, no default scenes would be present
  • Fixed a crash that would happen if you had a hotkey set to start both stream/recording at the same time
  • Fixed a crash that could happen under certain circumstances when streaming/recording at the same time
  • Fixed a bug where starting streaming and then starting recording quickly after or vice-versa would cause the second one to go out of sync
  • Improved logging of lost frames due to rendering, encoding, or network lag
  • Completely rewrote the audio subsystem, which enables the ability for transitions, minimizes audio buffering, and removes the need for the “audio buffering time” setting
  • Cleaned up the properties of the media source: now defaults to file output mode, uses reasonable defaults
  • Moved renderer/adapter from video settings to advanced settings because they’re not something users should typically mess with
  • The renderer/adapter options are now hidden when they’re not applicable (hiding both options on OSX, linux, and hiding adapters when OpenGL is selected on windows)
  • The status bar now displays a warning if encoding is overloaded suggesting the user turn down settings

Windows Changes:

  • Fixed a bug with game capture where OpenGL games wouldn’t capture properly under certain circumstances
  • Fixed a bug where Darkest Dungeon wouldn’t capture/render properly

Mac Changes:

  • Improved rendering performance (especially in studio mode) by disabling OSX BeamSync while the program is active (can be disabled/enabled in advanced settings)

Linux Changes:

  • Testing a possible fix to an issue where window capture rarely/randomly causing segfaults (usually on exit)
  • Improved rendering performance by fixing an issue where the program was rendering with v-sync