OBS Studio 0.15.0

New version available: OBS Studio 0.15.0

General Changes:

  • Added an image slideshow source. The image slideshow has an playlist (which you can also add directories to as well), the ability to use different types of transitions, and the ability to randomize the output
  • Added a VLC video source with playlist support via libVLC. Note that this currently requires VLC to be installed on your computer (on windows, for the architecture you’re using OBS with. For example, if you’re using 64bit OBS Studio, you need 64bit VLC). libVLC library files will most likely end up being optionally provided by the installer in the future. This plugin works with windows and mac, and should work with linux (though hasn’t had as much testing there).
  • Added “View” menu to allow hiding parts of the user interface (just listbox toolbars, status bar, and transition pane currently)
  • Added the ability to to set the scaling sampling filter for each item within a scene (point, bilinear, bicubic, and lanczos filtering). Right-click a source within a scene to set the sampling. This allows improving general source scaling quality for each item within a scene if desired (at the cost of additional fillrate).
  • Added “Scale/Aspect Ratio” filter which can force a specific resolution or aspect ratio on a source (with a specific desired scale sampling filter).
  • Added an option to automatically start recording when streaming
  • Added “Hide cursor over projector” option to general settings
  • Added the ability to delete multiple selected sources
  • Changed “Crop” filter to “Crop/Pad” filter to allow it to pad in addition to crop.
  • You can now add other scenes as sources within scenes. Note that it will automatically detect and prevent infinite recursion, you cannot add a scene or source if it causes infinite recursion.
  • When stopping recording/streaming, it will no longer cut off video at the end. It will now stop in accordance to the timing in which you hit the button. Buttons will now say “stopping stream” or “stopping recording” while waiting for the point in which to stop the stream/recording to ensure it stops at the right timing.
  • You can now specify directories with the file formatting option in advanced settings.
  • Increased the maximum delay for the async delay filter to 20 seconds
  • Whenever an image source gif appears on the stream/recording output, it now restarts the gif from the first frame
  • Fixed another potential freeze/crash when disconnecting/reconnecting
  • Fixed NVENC lossless mode, should now work as intended
  • Fixed a bug where regular lossless codecs and lossless via simple output mode were only using one core
  • Fixed a bug where the rate control would not be set for x264 under certain circumstances

Windows-Specific Changes:

  • Fixed a bug where audio output devices wouldn’t show up in the video device capture source under certain circumstances
  • Fixed a bug with game capture where certain blizzard games could crash if the device was lost and reinitialized in the game
  • Improved game capture capture performance for certain OpenGL games
  • Added process priority option to advanced settings

Linux-Specific Changes:

  • Fixed the long-standing crashes with linux window capture
  • Fixed a bug were window capture would not display window titles with the right text encoding

Mac-Specific Changes:

  • Fixed an issue with syphon capture only capturing a portion of the target (hopefully)