OBS Studio 0.15.3

New version available: OBS Studio 0.15.3


  • Added a noise suppression audio filter (using speexdsp)
  • Added "Luma Wipe" transition (by HomeWorld)
  • Added the ability to lock the preview
  • Added all supported file types to VLC video source when browsing
  • Added the ability to add URLs to VLC video source
  • Added "Bind to IP" network option in advanced settings allowing users to specify which network adapter/address to stream from
  • Fixed an issue with VLC video source where media with more than two audio channels wouldn’t be downmixed to stereo properly
  • Cleaned up log file readability significantly (still more work to be done, but it’s a start)
  • Limited reconnect timeout (exponential backoff) to 15 minute intervals max. Fixes an issue where reconnect timeout could have intervals of days if it kept reconnecting unattended

Windows-specific Changes:

  • Once again fixed game capture performance issues with Direct3D 9.0c games on yet another windows 10 update. (In case anyone is wondering why this happens, this has to be done for every time Microsoft modifies D3D9. We may be able to find a better way to do this in the future)
  • Added game capture hotkey feature. To use, set it to hotkey mode in game capture properties, and set a hotkey for it in the hotkey section of settings like all other hotkeys. There are hotkeys for both capturing a window and for deactivating capture
  • Fixed a bug where AAC encoded with windows media foundation on windows 8 and above wouldn’t play back in certain programs properly

Linux-specific Changes:

  • Fixed a display issue with projectors on certain window managers
  • Fixed a bug where studio mode wouldn’t display window captures in the program (output) view