OBS Studio 0.16.0

New version available: OBS Studio 0.16.0

General Changes:

  • Added a automatic scene switcher via the tools menu on windows/mac (and linux eventually) that can switch scenes based upon what program/window is currently in focus on the system. More features to be added in future versions. On macs, you can only select applications, not windows. Note that you can also use regex to match a window name.
  • Added a system tray icon, with the ability to control the program via the system tray, and the ability to hide to system tray.
  • Added the ability to drag and drop image/video files in to the program to create new sources on the fly (note that on windows this may not work properly if the program is running as administrator, the source being dragged from may also need to be run as administrator)
  • Added an FPS indicator to the status bar, mostly used to diagnose whether a source in the scene is causing rendering to lag.
  • Added a "b-frames" option to the NVENC encoder, and set the default to 2. Also fixes an issue where b-frames weren’t being used by default, which would impact video quality.
  • Fixed an issue where frames wouldn’t drop under certain circumstances and become more delayed than expected.
  • Fixed an issue where the program couldn’t connect to certain types of custom servers.
  • Fixed a bug where NVENC H.264 profile wouldn’t be set.
  • Fixed a bug with the browser source that would cause it to sometimes freeze under certain circumstances (especially changing settings, deleting the source, starting the program, or shutting down the program).
  • Fixed a bug where URLs wouldn’t work with the VLC video source.
  • Fixed a bug where hidden sources used by the slideshow source would show up in the "existing source" list when adding a new image.
  • Streams will now always stop after a maximum of 30 seconds regardless of buffering (though buffering should no longer happen)
  • You can now click "Stopping Stream…" or "Stopping Recording…" to force them to stop if they are stuck in a "stopping" state for whatever reason (typically streaming, caused by buffering such as with the aforementioned frame drop issue)

Windows-specific Changes:

  • Added an AMD H.264 encoder for AMD video cards on windows (also pre-configured settings available in simple output mode). Note that this plugin should still be considered an early/experimental build; please report issues on the plugin’s repository here: https://github.com/Xaymar/OBS-AMD-Advanced-Media-Framework
  • Added an improved text source with many more features and better drawing language support, and deprecated the old text source. Any lingering text sources you have saved will still use the old source, so if you want to use the new text source you’ll have to create a new text source for them. A new text source is also in the works for mac/linux.
  • Added a tooltip to the "use buffering" property in the video device capture source properties that explains its function.
  • Game capture should now no longer require a hotfixes every time windows updates and changes D3D9 libraries.

Linux-specific Changes:

  • Added the ability to specify a custom audio device when using the ALSA audio capture source.
  • Fixed a design flaw with the pulseaudio capture where the source would have no properties if the device was unplugged since last time the program was opened.