OBS Studio 18.0.1

New version available: OBS Studio 18.0.1

18.0.1 Hotfix Changes

  • Fixed a number of bugs with the “Enable new network code” option in advanced settings on Windows, including high CPU usage, issues reconnecting, and issues with low latency mode not working as intended
  • Fixed a few potential crashes with the AMD AMF encoder on Windows
  • Fixed a few issues with VST plugin, such as VST save/load states and a crash when OBS is set to mono
  • Fixed a bug where the audio monitoring device would always be set to default audio playback device when the program started up
  • Finally fixed an issue with avermedia LGP and LGP-lite devices used directly with OBS where their audio would not play back correctly (the stream engine should no longer be needed to play back these devices)
  • The program will no longer fail to start if you use command line parameters that aren’t specific to OBS itself (i.e. command line parameters specific to the browser plugin)
  • Sync offset will now work with audio monitoring on Windows when video is also present on that source