OBS Studio 24.0.5

New version available: OBS Studio 24.0.5

24.0.5 Hotfix Changes

  • Fixed macOS Catalina issues
  • Fixed macOS Python scripting support
  • Fixed a bug where audio bitrate would not be properly set to the specified value in simple output mode
  • Fixed a bug where videos on loop could sometimes get frozen when switching scenes
  • Fixed a bug with Linux Display Capture where the crop value would shift the cursor’s captured position incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where if the video drivers crashed on Windows for whatever reason, OBS would not recover from that properly and also crash (yes you heard that correctly)
  • Fixed an issue where when connecting to your Twitch account fails because of Twitch’s two-factor authentication requirement, you would not be able to change to another Twitch account until authentication was fixed and the account was reconnected
  • Fixed an issue where when connecting your Twitch account for the first time, the panels would not open up in dark mode
  • Fixed an issue where preview projector stopped working when toggling studio mode
  • Fixed an issue where multiple 0x0 windows would appear on Linux Window Capture
  • Fixed an issue where certain windows would not be listed with Linux Window Capture
  • Fixed a few rare crashes
  • You can now use Twitch dashboard panel URLs as custom browser docks
  • Added some additional graphics and audio diagnostic logging