OBS Mac 0.5.0

New version available: OBS Mac 0.5.0


  • Added mac window capture source (palana)
  • Added cropping and auto-cropping to mac desktop capture (palana)
  • Added more linux v4l2 video device capture capabilities (fryshorts)
  • Added text source (paibox)
  • Added File -> “Show Recordings” menu entry (palana)
  • Added File -> “Show Log Files” menu entry (palana)
  • Added advanced encoder settings to UI (Jim)
  • Added more logging information for the sake of diagnostics (Jim)
  • Added logging of system information on linux (fryshorts)
  • Fixed some issues with log uploading to github (palana)
  • Fixed a crash that would happen if you tried to check for updates more than once (Jim)
  • Fixed many linux v4l2 video device capture issues (fryshorts)
  • Fixed some bugs with obs-x264 plugin, specifically setting custom settings (Jim)
  • Fixed a crash that would happen if trying to start up OBS with 10.7 or below, it will now hopefully warn users to update to the required version instead (Jim)
  • If Direct3D fails to initialize on windows, fall back to OpenGL (Jim)
  • Check for valid video sizes when initializing video to prevent users from entering in invalid values (Jim)
  • Update information on status bar when recording (palana)
  • Preserve source settings if plugin removed (palana)

API and backend related changes:

  • Removed visual studio projects and make it exclusively use cmake (BtbN)
  • Made project dependencies automatically copy to output directories on windows via cmake to make compiling the project much less painful (Jim)
  • Improved libobs API consistency, make all major API functions use similar/consistent naming patterns (Jim)
  • Added automatic output scaling feature to outputs/encoders, if this feature is enabled on an output or encoder, it will automatically rescale the video data. This will allow the creation of multiple outputs with different resolutions in the future. (Jim)
  • Updated install instructions (Jim/BtbN)