OBS Multiplatform 0.11.0

New version available: OBS Multiplatform 0.11.0

General Changes:

  • Added profile support (currently just via a menu option) to allow you to save and change to different settings profiles
  • Added scene collections (note that scene collections are fully functional even while streaming/recording)
  • Added the ability to select the type of container format to save recordings to in output settings (mp4, mov, ts, mkv, flv). If the program unexpectedly terminates while recording, the recording file won’t be corrupted. (Corruption can still occur if the entire computer is shut down/restarted while recording however)
  • Added the ability to save multiple audio tracks with different mixer configurations on a single recording in advanced output settings (supported by mp4, mov, ts, mkv, but not flv)
  • Added portable mode option, which allows the program to save and access configuration data from the program’s base folder. You can enable portable mode by using the —portable or -p command line parameter, or by having the following file in the base program directory to enable it: portable_mode or portable_mode.txt
  • Added support for Apple’s CoreAudio encoder for better audio encoding quality (always available on mac, and should be available on windows if the user has itunes or quicktime)
  • Added a scroll effect filter (which had been highly requested for things like text)
  • Added a noise gate audio filter
  • Added a gain audio filter
  • Added a settings icon to audio sources on the mixer so that you can configure their audio filters or properties
  • Added a “Show” button to stream key edit boxes to allow you to disable the password masking
  • Added a few of common services: livecoding.tv, beam.tv, gaminglive.tv (service handling is still scheduled for an overhaul to use things like remote APIs and remote server lists so we don’t have to control a primary list)
  • Added the ability to reorder scenes
  • Added the ability to easily reorder scenes/sources by dragging items in the list boxes
  • Added support for username/password authentication when using custom servers
  • Fixed a potential major memory leak with async video sources (video devices, media sources)
  • Fixed a faulty design with the blackmagic source where its audio/video wouldn’t be guaranteed to be in sync
  • Fixed a bug where audio filters would add hotkeys
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when connecting to a server
  • Fixed a crash that could happen on exit or when closing certain dialogs
  • Fixed a bug where sources could linger even though they aren’t used in any scenes
  • Fixed the way preview panes work so they don’t have that weird “stretching” look when resizing the window
  • Fixed http/https support (for things like update checks) to use libcurl, windows users should now always be able to get update checks and upload log files
  • Fixed the default scaled resolution value to always be at or below 1280×720
  • Fixed a design flaw in the media source where the audio/video would not sync up properly
  • Fixed a bug in the media source where certain files would freeze on the first frame
  • Fixed a bug in the media source where remote streams wouldn’t play back properly
  • Improved logging to look more clean and segmented, with better details

Windows Changes:

  • Added support for Microsoft’s AAC encoder on windows 8+, allowing for better audio encoding quality and reduced CPU usage
  • Added a button to optionally disable aero if on windows 7/vista to the video section
  • Added option to the video device source to allow outputting audio to desktop (via DirectSound or WaveOut) instead of capturing audio (Built-in audio monitoring of all sources coming in the future will replace this feature in the future)
  • Changed game capture to hook similarly to the original version, and added an “anti-cheat compatibility hook” option to game capture (no longer always used by default)
  • Fixed a bug with game capture where you couldn’t capture a game if the game was at a permission level lower than OBS
  • Fixed a bug where game capture could crash 64bit games