OBS Multiplatform 0.6.3

New version available: OBS Multiplatform 0.6.3

General Changes:

  • Added some preliminary doxygen configuration files to the repository (leonhard)
  • Added ‘rename’ entry to scenes context menu (Palana)
  • Added ‘remove’ entry to scenes context menu (Palana)
  • Fixed ‘remove’ (del) shortcut to work on both scenes and sources (Palana)
  • Fixed a crash on startup that could happen due to certain font files (Jim)
  • Fixed a major audio/video sync bug, and fixed various potential issues with sync in general (Jim/leonhard)
  • Made it so that auto-updates use the delta update data if available (Palana/faruton)
  • Made it so instead of renaming, double-clicking a source now opens the properties (Palana)


  • Fixed an issue where syphon would be partially transparent, and added an option to enable transparency if desired (Palana)
  • Fixed ‘remove’ context shortcut on OSX (Palana)
  • Made various improvements to how syphon captures, and it will now remember and capture the last program it was set to capture (Palana)


  • Added a “Use system timing” option to v4l2 plugin that can optionally fix some frame timing problems that can occur with certain linux drivers (Jim)
  • Fixed an issue where v4l2 plugin frames could buffer more than intended when switching devices, causing the output to appear more and more delayed (leonhard)
  • Made it so that the v4l2 plugin detects device disconnection/reconnection, and will reconnect the device and update properties accordingly when that occurs (leonhard)