OBS Multiplatform 0.7.1

New version available: OBS Multiplatform 0.7.1


  • You can now use blank RTMP stream keys
  • Changed volume meter to use decibels
  • Added scaling filters (bicubic, lanczos)
  • Added advanced audio properties dialog box (in the Edit menu), with features such as force mono, volume past 100%, and the ability to set the audio sync offset for each audio source
  • Fixed a bug where a source’s audio would not unmute when switching to a scene where that same audio source was in use
  • Fixed possible FLV corruption bug that could happen under certain circumstances
  • Fixed a potential crash that could happen when either recording or streaming was stopped
  • Optimized frame output pipeline to ensure that no frames are unintentionally duplicated due to thread scheduling, improved the accuracy of frame timing, and improved the handling under higher CPU usage (and high-CPU presets)
  • Fixed a few user interface flaws with the properties window where the properties section would get too big of would expand past its limits
  • Fixed a user interface flaw with the volume mixer where the volume controls would expand to the right if the name was too long, making the volume sliders difficult to use
  • Optimize frame handling of asynchronous video sources (such as video from capture devices), reducing CPU usage from what it was
  • Projects now save whenever streaming/recording is started, and also at every 20 second interval
  • Fixed a UI bug where double-clicking with buttons other than the left button would still open up the properties of sources in the source list


  • Added new rewritten version of the game capture plugin, with improved performance and new features such as:
  • Multi-adapter compatibility options (SLI/laptop)
  • Option for pre-capture scaling (mostly for multi-adapter mode)
  • Option for framerate limiting (also mostly for multi-adapter mode)
  • Option to capture third-party overlays such as steam
  • Safer hooking that’s less prone to crashes in the target process, and that’s safe to use with other hooks
  • Option to allow automatic hooking of any fullscreen or borderless game rather than having to configure for a specific window each time
  • Added fast windows 8+ monitor capture support
  • Added a ‘Buffering’ option to device capture that allows the user to select whether the signal should be buffered/timed or played right away
  • Added an Activate/Deactivate button to device capture instead of it always being on
  • Fixed an issue where the HD-PVR Rocket would not start up or shut down properly


  • Allow capturing of different X servers
  • Improved multi-monitor support


  • Fixed possible crash when loading fonts for the text plugin