OBS Multiplatform 0.8.2

New version available: OBS Multiplatform 0.8.2


  • Fixed a major sync issue when using two video encoders at the same time with one audio encoder
  • Fixed an issue where service-specific settings wouldn’t be automatically applied when using simple output mode
  • Fixed the buffer size UI controls to allow 0 as the minimum value
  • Fixed a bug where reconnect settings wouldn’t automatically be disabled/enabled when reopening the settings
  • Fixed a bug where custom encoder settings in simple output mode wouldn’t be saved or marked as changed
  • Fixed the layout for the advanced audio properties where the labels wouldn’t align properly and long translated text names would get cut off
  • Added an option to advanced output mode to automatically enforce the current service’s recommended stream settings, or rather allow them the option of turning it off if they don’t wish to enforce those settings. (Note that service settings are automatically enforced for simple output mode)
  • Added an “Advanced” settings pane, with “Color Space”, “Color Range”, and “Audio Buffering Time” options
  • Added support for IPv6


  • Renamed “Syphon” source to “Game Capture (Syphon)” so users actually know what it’s supposed to be used for


  • Fixed a crash when using video capture devices
  • Added “Color Space” and “Color Range” properties to the video capture device source to allow the user to override the YUV color space or color range