OBS Studio 21.1.1 (macOS Release)

New version available: OBS Studio 21.1.1 (macOS Release)

21.1.1 (macOS Release)

  • Fixed a bug on macOS where if an audio capture device was set to "Default", the device would not change until the program was restarted.

General Changes

  • Updated the Browser source to Chromium 63. This includes many important and critical updates to the Browser backend.

    • The new Chromium build for the browser source now supports APNG (animated PNG) image files.
    • Fixed a few bugs and a potential crash on shutdown with the browser source, with more fixes and improvements to come in coming updates.
    • Fixed a bug where the bit icons in certain donation alerts didn’t load properly (fixed with the Chromium update for the browser source).
  • Dockable windows can now be nested.
  • Updated the program to use the latest Microsoft development toolchain (Visual Studio 2017) for the Windows version.
  • Changed log file uploading to hastebin (for now) instead of anonymous github gists due to github removing anonymous gist support.
  • Fixed an issue where the AMD encoder wouldn’t show up for some people since 21.0.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where you could import a scene collection with an already-existing name.
  • Fixed an issue where a spontaneous rare audio glitch could happen when encoding audio on Windows. This was caused by a Microsoft audio encoder library which was used by default on Windows at bitrates between 96 and 192 kilobits per second; this library has now been replaced.
  • Fixed a potential crash on startup.
  • Fixed a few scripting-related crashes.
  • Fixed a bug where setting a blank replay buffer prefix would reset to the default prefix when the program was restarted.
  • Fixed a bug where the slideshow source would get stuck on the last image is the slideshow image list was cleared.
  • Selection rectangles are no longer drawn for audio-only sources.