OBS Mac 0.4.0

New version available: OBS Mac 0.4.0


  • Add image file source and image file support to the core (Jim)
  • Add localization to all plugin modules in addition to the UI (Jim)
  • Add tons of translations (Too many people to list, thank you so much to all the translators who contribute to the project. You are all absolutely amazing)
  • Add right-click context menus to lists to add/remove/edit/transform sources (Jim)
  • Add source renaming (Jim)
  • Add much higher quality volume meters to the mixer (HomeWorld)
  • Add ‘Order’ menu for reordering of sources (Jim)
  • Add auto-reconnecting. When reconnecting, a message will appear on the status bar and in the log. (Jim)
  • Add status bar: CPU usage, dropped frames, bitrate, session time, warnings/errors (Jim)
  • Add update checking. If your version is out of date, it will display a message box with the new version and information where to download (Jim)


  • Make it so settings do not save unless they are actually modified by the user in order to prevent overriding future defaults (Jim)
  • Change the ‘Scale’ option in transform to ‘Size’, scale is somewhat of a useless value to users. May have to work on wording for some of the other controls (Jim)
  • Do not clamp aspect ratio by default when using any bounds mode (Jim)
  • Preserve source properties and defaults if certain properties become unavailable due to configuration changes, such as formats for one device becoming unavailable when switching to a different device, and use a visual indicator to specify that the setting is unavailable and the setting that is currently automatically selected (Palana)
  • Implement better logging of session data (Jim)


  • Add properties to video device capture (bazukas/fryshorts)
  • Fix cursor draw position in display capture (Jim)
  • Fix an issue with window capture xcomposite capture where configuration could be lost (reboot)
  • Fix a potential case where the video device capture could freeze the program (fryshorts)
  • Add support for ImageMagick packages instead of FFmpeg in case the system has weak FFmpeg support (BtbN)


  • Expand support for more video formats for video device capture (Palana)
  • Change preset order for video device capture (Palana)
  • If a preset is currently unavailable, show it and preserve configuration, but use the next best available preset (Palana)
  • Add OSX native shortcut (backspace) for source deletion (Palana)