OBS Studio 26.1.1

New version available: OBS Studio 26.1.1

Important: If OBS doesn’t launch after updating, please ensure all third party plugins such as obs-websocket or StreamFX are up to date.

26.1.1 Hotfix Changes

  • Fixed macOS 10.13 crash on startup [PatTheMav]
  • Fixed decklink devices not working correctly [DDRBoxman]
  • Fixed browser source crashing on certain versions of macOS [eric]
  • Fixed buttons not displaying text correctly on context bar when using Acri theme [Warchamp7]
  • Fixed a bug with slideshow source where if you use randomize and have “restart when visible” active, it would not transition on activate [cg2121]
  • Fixed a bug where duplicated scene items would not have their lock states duplicated [cg2121]
  • Fixed a bug where the default canvas resolution would be scaled incorrectly if fractional scaling was enabled [RytoEX]
  • Fixed jack on Linux deadlocking on close [marcan]
  • Fixed jack on Linux going out of sync sometimes [marcan]
  • Added webp to image formats that you can browse when using the image source [f3ndot]