OBS Studio 28.0.2

New version available: OBS Studio 28.0.2

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macOS NOTE: The macOS updater in OBS Studio 28.0.0 and 28.0.1 was broken, so users on those versions will have to manually update to OBS Studio 28.0.2. The macOS updater should be able to update from OBS Studio 27.2.4 to OBS Studio 28.0.2. Users on older versions of OBS Studio can also manually update to OBS Studio 28.0.2 instead of using the in-app updater.

NOTE: Some plugins may not be compatible with OBS 28. You can check the status of the most common plugins on the OBS Plugin Compatibility page.

28.0.2 Hotfix:

  • Fix macOS updater not updating to newer versions [Rodney]
  • Fix YouTube Manage Broadcast dialog being too large for 768p displays [cg2121]
  • Fix broken prefix for obspython binary module on Linux [PatTheMav]
  • Fix hotkey settings screen not accepting all input on macOS [PatTheMav]
  • Fix memory leak with mpegts [pkv]
  • Fix crash when left-clicking on non-multiview projectors [r1ch]
  • Fix I420 HLG support [rcdrone]
  • Fix resource leak in v4l2-output [shoffmeister]
  • Fix source name edit textbox not accepting input on enter [PatTheMav]
  • Add support for reading NV12/YUY2 PQ/HLG [rcdrone]
  • Fix spacing in scene and source tree [gxalpha]
  • Fix Qt5-linked plugins crashing Qt6-based OBS builds on Linux [kkartaltepe/norihiro]
  • Update volume controls decay rate on profile switch [PatTheMav]
  • Fix crash when removing filter after changing a value [PatTheMav]
  • Fix frame sharing and colorspace issues for macOS Virtual Camera [PatTheMav]
  • Fix crashes and unusable property button for VSTs on M1 Macs [PatTheMav]
  • Fix Light theme Studio Mode labels and T-bar [shiina424]
  • Update media states when image source is de-/activated [WarmUpTill]
  • Don’t save/overwrite browser docks if CEF hasn’t loaded [WizardCM]
  • Fix DeckLink Output color range and space [rcdrone]
  • Undeprecate traditional capture sources on macOS 12 [gxalpha]
  • Fix startup crash on Intel Macs [Jim]
  • Fix NVIDIA Audio Effects not updating according to user selection [pkv]