How to stream on Periscope with OBS Studio

What is Periscope Producer?

Periscope Producer is a way to stream high-quality broadcasts to Periscope from PC and other external sources, including OBS Studio, hardware encoders, professional cameras and any other RTMP sources.

How to use OBS with Periscope Producer?

Go to Settings → Advanced Sources and get your source connection info: “Primary Server” and “Stream Name” (this is your private stream key).


Best OBS settings for Periscope Producer

Now, when you’ve got your access details, you need to set up OBS Studio.

  1. Connection settings:
    1. Go to to “File” → “Settings” → “Stream” and set “Stream Type” to “Custom Streaming Server”.
    2. Enter your connection details which you’ve got in Periscope App settings.
      1. URL = Primary Server from app.
      2. Stream key = Stream Name from app.
  2. Stream settings (recommended by periscope developers):
    1. Go to to “File” → “Settings” → “Output” and set “Output Mode” to “Advanced”. Use that settings:
      1. Encoder: x264
      2. Rate Control: CBR
      3. Video bitrate: 800
      4. Keyframe interval: 2
      5. Audio Bitrate: 96 (on the “Audio” tab in “Output” section)
    2. Go to to “File” → “Settings” → “Video” and set:
      1. Base (canvas) resolution: 960×540
      2. Output (scaled) resolution: 960×540
      3. Common FPS Values: 30

When you’ve done initial setup you can test your settings.

  1. Open Periscope app and go to “Settings” → “Advanced Sources”.
  2. Click “Start Streaming” in OBS Studio.
  3. After a few seconds, inactive button “Checking for source…” in Periscope will change to “Preview Broadcast”. Tap it.
  4. If everything done right, you’ll see familiar interface which can be used to start your live stream. Enjoy!

Commenting in the chat within your own Broadcast

After the broadcast has started, you can also chat in there:

  1. Select “Leave Broadcast”.
  2. Go to your profile page and tap on your broadcasts.
  3. Select current live stream to join the broadcast and comment!